Hello world!

May 4, 2012

This is the first of many posts that I hope reach out from here and reveal the great grace of God who loved us first, so we could love and experience Him!  I hope you will see Him in the pages and posts that come from My Perrsonal Preacher,  You may ask , “Why that name?”.  I say why not!  Alot of folks get hung up on preachers and pastors being a part of a church…well I am.  However, Im not called to reach people IN the church…Im compelled to preach and reach those who are far from the Father.  He gave me a second, third, fourth…chance – I want others to know and find that He is the One running to embrace us  – even when we blow it.  You see, it was always about peformance for me…. “am I living up to what makes God love me enough to accept me?” It was through the encouragement of friends, those I consider my own personal life-pastors,  that He always chose to use to speak into my life…giving the good news that He has done the work,  He accepts me – no performance needed!   I hope through my rambling and those of others that someone else may realize the same thing.